Thursday, January 22, 2009


Boy am I exhausted mentally. There has been some pretty in depth discussion going on around in the office on what is Art. And it pretty much came down to the same as beauty...its all pretty much in the eye of the beholder, which I can see. The problem I still have is about such things as Installation Art of which the English artist Damien Hirst is probably the best known. The picture above is of his 'artwork' "The Physcial Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living" which is a dead tiger shark in a tank full of preserving fluid and sold for US$8 million back in 2004. To me this is just a dead animal in fluid and belongs more in a science lab or natural history museum rather than in the Metropolitian Museum of Art in New York. Besides I would be asking for refund as the original shark was replaced in 2006!

It aint art.

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Anonymous said...

To me a dead shark in preserving fluid is as artistic as a jar of pickled onions, and a least you can eat the onions. Gillian